Serving Up Efficiency: Leveraging Automation to Reduce Labor Costs

According to a newly released “State of the Industry” report from the National Restaurant Association, 45% of operators don’t have sufficient workers to meet heightened volume, and 70% have open positions they label challenging to fill.

Technology and equipment are vital to achieving profitability as the foodservice industry continues to navigate the dual challenges of high food costs and labor shortages. By investing in automation and smart equipment, operators can address current operational challenges and position themselves for future growth.

The insights from the National Restaurant Association underscore the urgency of these investments, highlighting technology as a critical component of a strategic plan to address labor issues. Last year, nearly half of the nation’s restaurants (48%) invested in technology, and the trend is expected to accelerate, with 60% planning to make technology investments in 2024.

Integrating automation can significantly reduce reliance on manual labor for various tasks, leading to substantial savings and efficiency improvements. Automated kitchen equipment can handle tasks ranging from prep to cooking to dishwashing. Many of our manufacturers offer equipment with technology to ensure high productivity levels that would typically require multiple staff members working in shifts. Equipment with built-in smart technology can monitor cooking processes and adjust them in real-time, minimizing the need for manual intervention and allowing staff to focus on other tasks.

For example, Pratica high-speed ovens combine multiple sources of air for ultra-fast finishing of fresh or frozen foods. Store over 1000 recipes with steps, settings, icons, and photos to simplify operations for the end user.

Pratica high-speed ovens

MEIKO’s K-Tronic Rack Conveyor dishwashers are smart enough to use their own energy to preheat incoming water and tough enough to handle the most challenging of rack machine applications. With its fully automatic operation, it can clean over 7,000 dishes per hour!

Flexeserve Hub

Two manufacturers that specialize in hot holding are Flexeserve and FWE. Flexeserve Hub was designed for the cultural shift in food consumption and foodservice. With Flexeserve Hub, you can prepare scheduled orders and bestsellers, then keep them fully packaged at the correct temperature. This means that food orders are always ready and hot, reducing wait time for customers and delivery drivers. FWE Heating Holding Shelves deliver precise and consistent heat from the radiant elements to provide uniform warmth for all food and containers to set up a modern grab n’ go market.  


By investing in automation, operators can address current labor challenges and position themselves for future growth. Modern equipment can be a game-changer in streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and ultimately reducing labor expenses. The strategic integration of technology and equipment is not just a trend but a necessity for survival and growth in our industry.

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